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FR Strategies is owned and operated by Dr. Andrew Holter. Originally founded in 2016, the organization was rebranded in 2022. 


Dr. Andrew Holter is an industrial/organizational psychologist, which is specialty focused on the intersection of people and organizations. He began his career in the fire service as a volunteer firefighter and has worked as a firefighter, fire inspector, paramedic, captain, and chief. 


Dr. Holter possesses a master's degree in public administration and a Ph.D. in organizational psychology. He is a certified HR professional from the Society of Human Resource Management, in addition to several fire service and ems related certifications including Paramedic, Fire Officer II, and Fire Instructor II. 


Dr. Holter has helped dozens of local governments and fire departments, EMS agencies, and other public safety and first responder groups.  From strategic planning to psychometric assessments, including his own proprietary program known as ROAR, which has been used to help public safety leadership teams grow and foster better working relationships. 

Given his unique background, Dr. Holter threads the needle of research, organizational psychology, public safety, and real work application. 

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