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FR Strategies is owned and operated by Dr. Andrew Holter. Originally founded in 2016, the organization was rebranded in 2022 to purely focus on public safety entities, such as fire departments and emergency medical service agencies. 


Dr. Andrew Holter is an organizational psychologist, a specialty focused on the intersection of people and organizations. He began his career in the fire service in 2005 as a volunteer firefighter and has held every rank including Chief in his emergency service career. He possesses certifications including Fire Inspector, Fire Instructor II, Paramedic, Haz-Mat Technician, along with two undergraduate degrees in fire science. In addition to his fire service background, Dr. Holter has spent most of his career working for and with local governments in roles around public safety, planning, and zoning. Serving most recently as the Administrative Manager of an ISO Class 1 and internationally accredited fire department with over 220 employees. Given his unique background, Dr. Holter threads the needle of advanced research and public safety application.

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