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Planning &


Creating a strategic plan or performing an evaluative study requires substantial data; obtaining that requires a researcher. As an organizational psychologist, Dr. Holter will use advanced qualitative research methods to obtain the best comprehensive data set possible. This will allow us to create a strategic plan or study that is detailed and full of actionable items that can move your organization forward.

& Leadership Development

Public safety agencies are becoming larger, more complex organizations. That complexity can lead to organizational challenges. Dr. Holter can help your organization create lasting interventions resulting in meaningful change. Similarly, Dr. Holter can work directly with your leadership team to help you achieve psychological safety and become a high-performing team.

Human Capital Management &
HR Solutions

Today's public safety environment is evolving quickly. Hiring and promotional processes and effectively managing your workforce are critical to the success of each employee and the overall organization. From job analysis to creating structured interviews, let us help bring validity to your organization's human capital management practices. 


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