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Does self-efficacy, grit and job satisfaction predict turnover intention?

Yes! It certainly appears to in my study of new registered nurses providing patient care.

When job dissatisfaction occurs to a certain level an individual's grit appears to make them more likely to leave their job than persevere through it.

What does this mean?

More grit won't make better employees or help them stay with an organization that doesn't fit their needs.

Better organizational culture, focused stress and burnout reduction solutions, allowing for more flexibility, and providing more support will help retain employees in high stress jobs.

Not personal resources. So maybe we start to think about walking away from phrases like "they weren't tough enough."

If your organization needs help in this area, reach out to an organizational psychologist. We help connect evidence based strategies to your workplace situations based on data and science. You've never had a consult like this before I promise.

If you're interested in learning more and how your organization can prevent this turnover, reach out. I specialize in high stress atmospheres, like healthcare and public safety agencies. I'd love to help your organization find answers and tangible strategies to implement.

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