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People Are Not Lizards

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

I took these photos minutes apart on my patio here in beautiful Wilmington, NC. It is the same lizard in both! It was green one minute and brown the next. But it made me think, why do we ask people to be lizards?

Have you ever heard or said...

"I'm a different person at work, I can't be myself. I have to put my work face on."

"We want to see if they are a good cultural fit."

"We need resilient workers who can take hits and get back up."


People aren't lizards, likewise they shouldn't have to change who they are at 8am every workday, it's not healthy. Why are you hiring them to fit your place, shouldn't they be bringing something new? Who they actually are perhaps? It's also not in line with promoting a psychologically safe workplace.

Stop asking your people to be something different.

People aren't lizards, they can't change their colors for you every day.

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