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Leadership Beyond the Textbook

Recently, Dr. Holter teamed up with Cape Fear Community College to offer a new program called "Leadership Beyond the Textbook" to public safety professionals.

The 8 hour class is designed to dive into leadership theories through real world applications. Using evidence based practices and data driven solutions Dr. Holter covers topics such as psychological safety, trust, and accountability. Giving feedback, coaching and being intentional about organizational culture are also discussed.

Dr. Holter presents his organizational program for ensuring results known as ROAR. This program includes use of the leadership assessment ROAR, created by Dr. Holter to measure aspects of a team that lead to successful outcomes.

Finally, time is left to discuss the results of the ROAR assessment and interventions that can be used to address issues found in the assessment.

If your department is interested in this program, or a custom version of it please reach out today!

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